Adele finds some EntertainMoot in New Zealand

NZ moot was an amazing experience. It all started with a 50 minute bus trip in torrential rain just to get to the campsite, a bus full of Rovers was lots of fun and never quiet. When we arrived at the site a cheer erupted from the bus. It was still raining and the buses needed to be unloaded of the many bags on board, everyone pitched in and the buses were empty in a matter of minutes. The kiwi’s found their way to the tents and the Aussies had a quick meeting in our bunk houses to work out who was sleeping where.
The Aussies were spread between 2 bunk houses, which by the end of the moot were full of Aussies and Kiwi’s escaping the rain that had flooded most tents. Apart from all the rain the moot was an amazing experience, and the MOC team managed to make things happen even with the dreary weather. We did the Shooting trophy in the rain which was a variety of activities/kids party games, we were split into teams of 7 and worked together to complete each activity. Things such as whole team 3 legged race relays, stepping stones, dart throwing and wheel barrow races. We even made the longest walking school bus which involved over 150 rovers.
Saturday saw us all venture out onto our expeditions, my expedition involved a few games of laser strike, a golf driving range and go carts. It was an amazing day! Every night had a theme and Saturday night was themed ‘Stars in your eyes’, some of us went as the spice girls! It was a fantastic night.
Sunday brought around the cross country in which the Australian or West Island girls team came 2nd overall and the tug of war competition, which is a really big thing and the kiwi rover crews all support and cheer on each other. It was a fantastic day followed by a formal dinner with the theme of ‘Casino’, we went as a hen’s turn!
The whole event was absolutely amazing and I met so many fantastic people, I have made friends for a life time and I cannot wait to go back next year!

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